Looking ahead to 2020

As 11th Hour comes to the end of a Christmas season which saw more than six ice rinks installed across the UK, we’re now looking ahead to the new year and some of the exciting projects we’ll be working on in 2020. 
Whether it’s working with existing customers such as the Six Nations and the European Tour or some of our brand new clients and events, it’s set to be another fantastic year (which might see some new team members, watch this space). 
To kick off the new year with a bang, our Business Development Director Jason Venables chatted with Access All Areas magazine about some of the trends he expected to see in 2020.
Check out the extract below: 
Sustainability, safety and social media are some of the trends to watch out for in 2020, Access has learnt. 
Jason Venables, business development manager at 11th Hour said sustainability will become increasingly important to implement at every level of an event, which means that suppliers have to be ready to have those conversations with organisers. “One important element of this is being as efficient as possible when it comes to onsite power. We and many other suppliers closely track energy usage and fuel consumption, maximising performance while keeping costs low and being able to track our environmental impact.” 
Safety at live events is also at the forefront of industry minds in 2020. Venables added: “In addition to the security element, which involves keeping our visitors safe and happy in crowded spaces, it’s important to remember to look after everyone working onsite with thorough checks on lifting, rigging and electrical equipment.” 
Finally, Venables said event production will increase in scope and scale. “Visitors are accustomed to quality production, ‘Instagrammable’ moments and memorable set pieces, all of which require balancing of time and budget from event teams.”