Ice Rink Services

11th Hour Ice have the capability to fully manage ice rinks, from install, to sponsorship, to box office management. We have the solution to make your event as successful as possible. 

Sponsorship & Advertising Sales

11th Hour have the capability to sell and promote sponsorship sales for your rink. We can also work to sell advertising around the rink to maximise profit for your ice rink. 

Ice Rink Installation

The team at 11th Hour are highly skilled and are able to provide ice rinks indoors, and outdoors. We provide all the equipment neccessary to build ice rinks safely. 

Ice Rink Operations & Box Office Solutions

Need a ticketing solution or someone to run your ice rink? No problem! 11th Hour's team are on hand to provide this service for your Ice Rink. We can provide skate marshalls, box office staff, and skate hire solutions. 

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