Celtic manor Resort, Ice Rink - Case Study

The Location

A temporary ice rink can be created anywhere, both indoors and out.  Our mat system can be layed flay onto even grass surfaces.



Ice Matt System

A liner is installed to create a 'pond' for the water to freeze.  Insullation is also used to help the freezing process.



Chiller Installation

Chillers are installed which will cool the refrigerant medium to be pumped through the mat system, to turn water to ice.



Dasher Board Install

The Dasher Boards (Handrails) are installed around the perimeter of the rink.


Finished Rink

The mat system is chilled to -12 degrees.  Water is sprayed ontop of the mat system and allowed to freeze and turn to ice.

Each year the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport is host to the Manor's Christman Kingdom, a temporary outdoor, 'real' ice rink, on the roof top of the Celtic Manor Hotel.  The location of the Christmas Kingdom makes for a challenging installation.  11th Hour Ice are contracted to supply the annual rink, and as such faced numerous logistics challenges. 

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