Logic CA10

Price on Application

Ethos CA10 is an ultra compact fixed angle array enclosure. With horizontal coverage of 90° and vertical coverage of 10°, the cabinet contains an 8” Neodymium cone driver which is passively combined with two wave-guide mounted 1” Neodymium compression drivers

Logic ND215

Price on Application

The Logic Systems Ethos ND15 is a compact, high power, 2000w loudspeaker bass enclosure. It features two band pass loaded long throw, neodymium 15 inch bass drivers.

Logic LM15

Price on Application

The LM Series is a range of state of the art live sound stage monitors. The LM15 cabinet combines a 15” Neodymium Mid/Bass cone with a coaxially mounted 1.4” compression driver, which is passively crossed over

Mask 6T - Black/White

Weekly – £10

Two-way moisture-proof loudspeaker (white or black color) with the low-frequency loudspeaker 6,5″

Nexo PS10​

Weekly – £50

A high power system capable of producing 132 dB Peak SPL, and can safely be driven with up to 1250 watts of amplifier power.

Nexo PS15

Weekly – £70

A high power system capable of producing 136dB Peak SPL, the PS15 Loudspeaker can be safely driven with up to 2000 Watts of amplifier power.

Nexo LS500

Weekly – £40

The LS500 SubBass extends the usable range of the PS10 Loudspeaker to 38Hz, providing 134dB Peak output in an extremely compact, light weight package