Manfrotto Wind Up Stand

Weekly – £30

Manfrotto lighting stands are made of aluminium or steel and are manufactured either through electro welding or extrusion, according to the highest quality standards

Arri Combination Stands

Weekly – £30

ARRI’s range of stands comprises several product families that differ in design and materials according to the applications for which they are intended and the type of lamp they support.

Tank Trap / Boom Base 600mmx600mm

Weekly – £4

Metal Base Plates (With M10 Bolts)

Weekly – £3

12.5Kg Stage Weights

Weekly – £5

Scaffold Gravlock Clamps

Weekly – £1

Kader Clamps (Beams up to 100mm)

Weekly – £4

Swivel Couplers

Weekly – £0.50

Scaff Tube

0.5m (Black) – £0.50 Per week
1m (Green) – £1 Per week
2m (Red) – £1.50 Per week
3m (Blue) – £2.50 Per week
4m (Yellow) – £3 Per week
6m – £5 Per week