GDS HO LED Liteware

Weekly Rate – £30 Per Unit

The GDS LiteWare HO Uplighter is capable of 12 hours permanent use from the integral battery, controlled by wireless DMX and has Full RGB LED Colour.

User Manual
GDS RGB Liteware

Weekly Rate – £25 Per Unit

The LiteWare RGB Battery Uplighter with Wireless DMX is a truly stand alone controllable light source.

Sunstrips Active DMX

Weekly- £10

This Sunstrip is fully active and has a built-in dimmerpack. In order to make the unit most versatile for many applications you can select different DMX modes: 1 channel, 2 channel, 5 channel and 10 channel.

User Manual
Aurora X44 LED Batten

Weekly – £20

Housed in weather-resistant steel, the Aurora Bar X44™ is ideally designed for colour washes in gardens, courtyards, seating areas and other outdoor ares with little protection. 44 tri-colour LEDs ensure perfect colour mixing with no loss of brightness.

User Manual
Molefay Blinders 2, 4 Cell

Weekly – (£5 – 2 Cell) (£10 – 4 Cell)

Commonly known as ‘audience blinders’. Designed with ease of use in mind, they feature robust lightweight aluminium construction, semi-gloss black electrostatic paint finish, heavy duty yoke with positive lock off, using a tee bar to enable unit to be set at any desired angle.

6 Par bar - Internally Wired

Weekly – £35

6 standard long-nose Black Par64s mounted on a 2.3m bar. Internally wired to a Socapex inletSupplied with double hook clamps for hanging below a bar / truss as standard.

Coloured/Clear MBI Flood Light

Weekly – £25 – 400W / £12.50 – 150W

For when you need light.
400W MBI are a very effective way of creating lots of light.

Available in a number of colours (non of which are saturated) they are commonly used light up areas and transform buildings.